Four Amazing Health Benefits of Guarana


Guarana is an ingredient you’ll often see included in sports nutrition supplements these days. And there’s a very valid reason for that. An Amazonian plant, guarana contains some of the most healthful compounds in the natural world. Little wonder it’s been used therapeutically for centuries in traditional cultures. Read on to learn about four science-backed health benefits of this fascinating natural stimulant.

Boosts energy levels

Did you know that guarana berry seeds are loaded with up to four times as much caffeine as coffee beans? And caffeine isn’t the only natural stimulant in guarana either: it also boasts theophylline and theobromine. So it’s easy to see why guarana could be deployed to benefit your physical performance, whether you’re running a 5k, lifting weights, bodyweight training or participating in a team sport. While drinking a black coffee before a workout provides a welcome boost, guarana is way more effective. That said, drinking a sugary energy drink which happens to contain guarana probably isn’t the way to go. (Keep reading for a better option.)

Helps with weight loss

There’s no doubt about it: guarana is one of nature’s most effective metabolic stimulants. In other words, it helps you burn more calories throughout the day and at rest. It’s even been shown to suppress genes that aid fat cell production while promoting genes that slow it down. While guarana won’t bail you out if you’re eating a highly calorific diet, it’s an excellent complement to a healthy nutrition and exercise regimen.

Aids digestion

To understand how guarana could help us in the here and now, it’s worth consulting its use throughout the ages. For centuries the plant has been deployed to relieve digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhoea, promoting digestive juices and providing a soothing effect in the GI tract. That’s right, guarana keeps your gut happy.

Improves focus

Believe it or not, studies show that guarana can help to sharpen your mental focus and alertness. In one, participants performed memory tasks quicker after supplementing with guarana beforehand. They also achieved better scores when performing complex subtractions. What’s more, researchers noted that these results could not purely be attributed to caffeine. You see, there are multiple healthful compounds in guarana, from plant-based antioxidants to saponins, polysaccharides and choline, the latter of which is frequently linked with improved brain function.

Bring on the guarana gains

When it comes to health and fitness, guarana is worth its weight in gold. But as mentioned, you’re best avoiding the sugary energy drinks that line supermarket shelves. They might give you a buzz, but so does eating a bag of fizzy sweets. Who needs the crash?

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