Adrian James Body Transformation Challenge

If you like the idea of getting into shape – without giving up your life in the process – try the Adrian James Body Transformation Challenge. It promises to be the most intense but rewarding eight weeks you’ll ever experience.

To enter, all you need to do is purchase some Thermoblaze. Our advanced weight management supplement has been formulated to support a healthy metabolism, helping you reach your body transformation goal in record time.

Once your Thermoblaze arrives, whip off your top and get a pic of you posing with the product. After that, it’s time to start training. Download our 15-minute workouts, hit the gym or lace up your trainers and head for the hills – whatever works for you.

adrian james thermoblaze


Eight weeks later, take another pic – your transformation photo. Email your before and after photos and you’ll be rewarded with a Performance Tee for completing your fitness journey.

Eight weeks from now, you could be in the best shape of your life. What’s stopping you? If you want this, you can do this.AJN Signature