Welcome to the Adrian James Body Transformation Challenge. It’s time to get off the couch, break a sweat and leave your comfort zone behind.

Every workout you complete, and every healthy meal you cook will inch you closer to transforming your body. Whether it’s to look good on the beach, boost your self-confidence or claim the £100 worth of Adrian James Nutrition supplements that are up for grabs. You pick the reason.

We’ll provide all the rest: highly effective workouts, a tasty diet plan and 50% off Thermoblaze. It’s the fastest way to improve your body tone, boost your energy levels and aid fat loss.

adrian james thermoblaze



To enter, all you need to do is purchase some Thermoblaze, and once it arrives, whip off your top and get a pic of you posing with the product. After that, it’s time to start training. Download our 15-minute bodyweight workouts, hit the gym or lace up your trainers and head for the hills – whatever works for you.

Eight weeks later, take your transformation photo and email us your results.

Where would you like to be eight weeks from now? If your answer is “In the best shape of my life”, your time starts now. Get training and good luck. You can do this.