Five Performance Enhancing Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine- The Training Partner You Can’t Live Without

Whether it’s a grande latte to go or an energy drink to survive the mid-afternoon slump, most of us take caffeine in some shape or form. It’s a sociable thing. It’s an alertness thing. It’s a finding the will to get out of bed in the morning thing. One thing you may not have considered as you’re sipping your morning coffee is the remarkable effects caffeine has on the body. Sure, it can increase alertness, but the powers of caffeine don’t end there. Here are five potent benefits of caffeine supplementation.

Caffeine can enhance cognition

Cognitive performance is simply better with caffeine. Clarity; focus; short-term memory: you name it, moderate use of caffeine can improve it. Studies have shown that caffeine can enhance your decision-making, helping you ace that exam or pass your employee evaluation with flying colours. Naturally, those benefits are amplified in a sporting context, when caffeine can help you out-think and outrun your opponents.

Caffeine boosts athletic performance

From martial arts to high intensity interval training, if it involves breaking a sweat, caffeine can help. In fact, it can do more than help: the stimulant exerts a host of benefits, aiding anaerobic endurance and increasing strength and power. When you’re angling for a personal best, caffeine is key.

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Caffeine aids fat loss

A higher metabolism is highly desirable, for it’s a proven way to burn more calories throughout the day. It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that the higher your metabolism, the quicker your body will shed excess fat. It’s a well known fact that caffeine raises your metabolism, increasing fat oxidation. Three Thermoblaze capsules a day are all it takes to kickstart the process. Add exercise into the mix and you’ve got yourself a powerful 1-2 combo that will give fat the heave-ho.

Caffeine can alleviate sleep deprivation

In an ideal world, we’d all get enough sleep every night. In reality, there are going to be days when even getting out of bed feels like a chore. When sleep deprivation is threatening to put a dent in your day, caffeine will keep it at bay long enough for you to complete your tasks and make it home to the warm embrace of your bed.

Caffeine lets you train harder

We’ve already discussed many of the ways caffeine can enhance physical performance, but there’s another remarkable benefit that comes from taking the natural supplement. Caffeine is known to lower the rate of perceived exertion, allowing you to complete increasingly difficult tasks. Whether it’s pushing past the pain threshold or adding an extra plate to the bar, caffeine makes the impossible seem possible.

Whether you’re looking to maximise fat loss, improve sporting performance or increase concentration, don’t do it without caffeine.