Ten Tips for Weight Loss

Ten Tips for Weight Loss

It’s an all-too-familiar story: you pledge to honour an active and healthy lifestyle. But before you know it, you’ve reverted to your old ways as the diet slips and gym membership lapses.

There is a better way: Swap the all-or-nothing approach for these healthy switch-ups from my top ten tips for weight loss.

Downsize your portions

At mealtimes, try putting your food on a smaller plate. Studies show that we’ll finish off the plate in front of us whatever its size – and will feel full afterwards. Save the big plates for the benchpress.

Keep it lean

Choose leaner cuts of meat and replace cream-based sauces with vegetable alternatives. Dinner will still taste great; you’ll just be absorbing less fat.

Avoid faddy diets

Weight-loss shouldn’t just be about squeezing into your jeans or looking good in those beach shots; it’s about looking and feeling healthier for life. It may sound boring, but there are no shortcuts to losing weight: a balanced diet and regular exercise will achieve far more than a fortnight sipping cabbage soup.

Brave a new exercise routine

Download Adrian James High Intensity Interval Training. Its 15-minute cardio workout will leave your heart pounding and increase calorie burn for up to 24 hours afterwards.

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Don’t go it alone

Get a mate to lose weight with you – just be sure to ask them nicely! Having a buddy to motivate you will work wonders for the pair of you.

Get the cutting edge

Introducing a weight-loss supplement such as Thermoblaze can help shift stubborn fat and improve body tone. The all-natural formulation is designed to gently raise the metabolism, helping you maximise your workouts and achieve great results quickly and safely.


Get fired up

Load up your playlist with upbeat music. Listening to your favourite tracks will help you push harder — and because you want to hear your entire playlist, you’ll feel more inclined to workout for longer.

Do a purge

Clear out your cupboards. Once you replace the junk food you’re used to indulging in, you’ll begin to make healthier choices automatically.

Get your ZZZs

Sleep is free, blissfully relaxing and great for your body – so pack in as much as you can. I’m afraid that doesn’t mean spending all day in bed however. People who get eight hours’ sleep a night have been shown to lose more body fat than people who get less than six hours – so don’t neglect your pillow time.

Small steps go a long way

Losing weight doesn’t mean cutting out life’s pleasures altogether. Swap sugary drinks for zero-calorie options and you’ll scarcely notice the difference. Instead of ice cream, have frozen yoghurt for dessert – when food tastes good, it doesn’t even feel like you’re dieting.