Ten Proven Ways to Maximise Your Testosterone

Ten Proven Ways to Maximise Your Testosterone

There’s a lot to love about testosterone. The vital male hormone spearheads your body’s efforts to get stronger and leaner. If you’re looking to pack on more muscle and melt fat, boosting your testosterone is a great place to start. From bone density to virility, testosterone plays a crucial role in determining your health. Try the following tips to naturally raise your testosterone levels.

Hit the weights

What is it about lifting heavy weights that makes a man feel so manly? That’ll be all the testosterone that’s released after a good workout. Strength training increases the level of anabolic hormones, including testosterone, in your body. The raised testosterone, in turn, increases neurotransmitters which prompt tissue growth. You can’t have muscle growth without testosterone.

Don’t overtrain

Exercise is good for your testosterone levels and for your body as a whole, but don’t overdo it. Training for prolonged periods is a surefire way to raise your cortisol levels. As the so-called stress hormone shoots up, your testosterone will drop in response. If you’re on a mission to up your testosterone, limit cardio to a maximum of 40 minutes and strength training to one hour. Give your body at least one rest day a week to allow for a full recovery.

Perform HIIT

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training, but what’s its relation to testosterone? HIIT’s great for burning fat and increasing strength, but the effects it exerts on your body don’t end there. The intensity of the exercise causes a surge of anabolic hormones that include dihydrotestosterone, an extremely potent form of testosterone. Try Adrian James High Intensity Interval Training for a workout that will up your heart rate and your testosterone.

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Get your vitamins…

Vitamin deficiencies, often caused by poor diet and lack of sunlight, are extremely common. To compound the problem, people who are lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients are often unaware. Vitamin D and vitamin E are particularly important as both are instrumental to testosterone production. Be sure to eat plenty of vitamin-rich foods, including oily fish and leafy vegetables.

…and your minerals

A diet that’s lacking in minerals won’t do your T-levels any favours. Boron is found naturally in leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, plus grains, prunes, raisins, noncitrus fruits, and nuts. It’s also found in Testoraise, which has proven testosterone boosting benefits. Six Testoraise capsules a day will supply you with the optimum 6mg daily dose of boron and in one study subjects increased their levels of free testosterone (the most biologically active form of testosterone) by almost 25%.

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Don’t stress

Stress is normal, but excessive stress will take its toll on body and mind. If you’re over-stressed, your cortisol levels will spike, simultaneously dragging your testosterone levels down. Coupled with the increased food intake, weight gain and visceral fat storage stress can trigger, there’s a strong case for keeping your cortisol levels in check. To maximise your testosterone, try to eliminate frequent stressful situations from your life.

Lose the fat

To up your T levels, lose the love handles. Body fat contains an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. The more estrogen you have, the slower your body will produce testosterone and the more susceptible you’ll be to storing belly fat. In other words, to heighten your testosterone, lower your body fat. The natural blend of ingredients found in Thermoblaze can help by raising your metabolism to support sustainable weight loss.


Limit alcohol consumption

If you’re determined to increase testosterone, alcohol is not your friend. Research has shown that as little as two drinks a day can decrease your testosterone levels. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the odd beer, but try to make it a weekend treat rather than a post-work staple.

Stay hydrated

Because water has mild anabolic effects, keeping hydrated is one of the simplest ways to up your testosterone. Taking in fluids is especially important during exercise, as dehydration has been shown to raise cortisol. Staying hydrated will allow your growth hormones to flourish.

Get your ZZZs

Sleep deprivation can drastically lower your testosterone levels. Given that much of your testosterone production occurs in the night, that’s not surprising. Starve your body of sleep and you’ll also be starving it of testosterone. Sleep matters, so make sure you get yours.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat or fortify your immune system, T is key. Adopt positive habits to boost your testosterone and develop a better body and mind.