The Six Best Thermogenic Ingredients to Burn Fat Fast

The Six Best Thermogenic Ingredients to Burn Fat Fast

Burning body fat isn’t easy. Because fat cells store energy, regulate hormones and regulate temperature, the body likes to hang on to fat – something which can demoralise those of us keen to drop some pounds and tone up. Thankfully there are several things we can do to target stubborn body fat, and because we live in the information age, the best strategies are just a mouse-click away.

For my money, the best course of action is to diligently follow an exercise protocol that combines weight-bearing workouts and cardiovascular training, with an emphasis on High Intensity Interval Training. Nutrition is also fundamental, and though the basic principles apply – control your calories, avoid sugar and surplus carbs, prioritise protein – ensuring your diet includes thermogenic ingredients is my pro tip. Thermogenic ingredients are a godsend when it comes to tackling stubborn fat accumulation on the arms, back, bum and thighs. That’s because they increase calorie-burning, enhance energy expenditure, break down excess fat and subtly reduce appetite.

So, which ingredients are classed as thermogenic?


The fact that caffeine is the staple of just about every thermogenic supplement on the market speaks volumes. Various studies confirm caffeine’s ability to raise your metabolism, boost adrenaline and increase fat oxidation. It even helps to reduce appetite and lower the rate of perceived exertion, enabling you to push through tougher workouts.

Cayenne pepper

Like caffeine, this natural spice has been shown to increase energy expenditure and promote fat oxidation, leading researchers to dub capsaicin – cayenne’s active ingredient – “an interesting target for anti-obesity therapy.” Cayenne is also believed to dampen down cravings for salty, sweet and fatty foods.

Green tea

Green tea is a wonderful source of caffeine, so it’s virtually guaranteed a high ranking in any league table of thermogenic ingredients. It’s not just about the caffeine, though: green tea has also been shown to prolong norepinephrine, the fat-burning accelerating hormone. What’s more, it contains an antioxidant – EGCG – that boosts metabolism.


Another caffeine-rich natural ingredient is guarana, a plant native to the Amazon. Believe it or not, guarana berry seeds boast up to four times as much caffeine as coffee beans. Its status as a metabolic stimulant, and its ability to help you burn more calories throughout the day, is therefore unquestionable. In fact, a recent study found that guarana is so effective, it can promote weight loss even when consumed as part of a high-fat diet.

Green coffee bean

Green coffee bean is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements due to its thermogenic capacity. Its primary active ingredient, chlorogenic acid, gets most of the credit for these fat-burning effects, not least because it helps to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract. Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to significantly lower body weight and reduces both visceral fat mass and obesity-related hormones.

Citrus aurantium

Citrus aurantium – also known as bitter orange – has been used by indigenous tribes for centuries for its ability to calm nerves, treat indigestion and increase energy levels. As far as fat loss is concerned, a review by scientific review platform ResearchGate noted: “Citrus aurantium has been reported to aid in weight loss and increase thermogenesis in three studies.”

There you have it: the top six thermogenic ingredients backed by science. Due to the ample evidence supporting their effectiveness, their inclusion in Thermoblaze was a no-brainer – and the overwhelmingly positive reviews justify that decision. When combined with a sensible diet and challenging workout regime, Thermoblaze does exactly as advertised, helping you melt stubborn fat by quickening your metabolic rate and boosting energy. Don’t fantasise about your dream physique. Make it a reality.