Ten Healthy Foods to Suppress Your Appetite

Ten Healthy Foods to Suppress Your Appetite

When was the last time you felt hungry? Not peckish but raid-the-fridge ravenous. If you’ve been trying to lose weight or are following a calorie-controlled diet, you’ll know that feeling all too well. A little hunger is normal, but constant hunger will make you miserable and susceptible to unhealthy cravings. The following foods to suppress your appetite will help you resist temptation and stop your stomach from rumbling.

Pistachio nuts

Nuts are notoriously dense in calories, but pistachios are much lower in fat and calories than their peers. A handful of pistachios contains about half the calories found in a handful of almonds. If you’re taking them as a snack, a handful is all you’ll need too. Pistachio nuts will silence hunger and supply your body with heart-healthy fats.

Green vegetables

Green veggies, as well as other non-starchy vegetables such as carrots, are unmatched for their low calorie and high satiety ratio. Foods that contain high levels of water, dietary fibre, and protein tend to be the most filling. Broccoli, cabbage, spinach and courgettes all score top marks: load up on these vegetables and bid goodbye to hunger.


Watermelon is packed with vitamin C, minerals and antioxidants and is ranked as a low calorie food. More to the point, it tastes delicious and, thanks to its high water content, scores highly on the satiety index. Pop a slice in your lunchbox to enjoy as an afternoon snack.

Greek yogurt

Protein’s ability to ward off hunger is renowned, and guess what, Greek yogurt’s loaded with it. It’s packing in calcium too, plus a whole lot of flavour, despite its low sugar and low calorie count.


Another food prized for its high protein level is hummus. The chickpea and garlic spread is also rich in fibre, vitamin C and B6 and healthy fats. These fats, along with the carbs and protein found in hummus, will keep you fuller for longer.


Eat eggs for breakfast and hunger won’t get a look in for hours. Studies have shown that eggs are an excellent food for increasing satiety. Cook them any which way you like – just make sure you get yours.


Soups aren’t just for winter days: they’re for any day you feel like filling your stomach without piling on the pounds. For maximum satiety – and flavour – choose a broth-based soup that’s full of lean protein and fibre-rich vegetables. Chicken, broccoli and carrots are all worthy contenders to feature in your hunger-fighting soup.


Highly versatile and highly filling, oatmeal is ideal for thwarting hunger. It’s high in fibre and highly absorbent. When mixed with water or milk and eaten, the oatmeal expands in your stomach and digests slowly. If you want to make it till lunchtime, start your day with oatmeal.

Whey protein

There are two prime reasons why whey protein is perfect for anyone following a weight-loss diet. Firstly, it’s low in calories: a scoop of Healthy Whey mixed with water, for example, contains less than 120 calories. Secondly, because protein is so closely linked to satiety, drinking a whey protein shake is one of the fastest and most effective means of dispelling hunger.


Eating an apple before a meal has been shown to reduce the amount of food you eat. Thanks to its fibre and water content, an apple will induce satiety without packing on the calories. Naturally sweet and surprisingly filling, an apple a day keeps hunger at bay.

Whether you’re following a calorie-controlled diet or are simply trying to resist unhealthy snacking, focus on filling foods to suppress your appetite. If you can keep hunger in check, it’s only a matter of time till the results start manifesting themselves in the mirror.