Seven Clever Ways to Sneak In a Workout

Seven Clever Ways to Sneak In a Workout

From jogging in the park to bodyweight exercises, there are plenty of ways to squeeze fitness into your routine. We all have the same twenty-four hours in a day. Yet, there are millions of people who juggle two or three jobs and still find time to exercise. It all comes down to your priorities. “I’m too busy to work out” isn’t a valid excuse. If you want something bad enough, you’ll make time for it.

Regular exercise benefits you in a number of ways. It not only keeps you lean but also improves brain function, regulates blood pressure and supports cardiovascular health. By working out a few times per week, you’ll build stronger bones, have a sharper mind and feel more confident. This will enhance your personal and professional life, leading to greater satisfaction.

So, are you ready to fit exercise into your busy daily schedule? Here are seven clever ways to sneak in a workout.

Make fitness the first thing you do

Most of us slump from our bed to the bathroom each morning, wearily brushing our teeth while cursing the universe. Exercise, it’s fair to say, couldn’t be farther from our minds. Imagine, though, that exercise was the first thing you thought of when the alarm roused you from your slumber. Start commencing the day productively with a handful of push-ups or crunches, and pretty soon it’ll become part of your morning routine. You’ll feel fresher, fitter and altogether less grumpy in no time.

Build squats into your teeth-brushing routine

Since we’re all about those morning fitness tips, here’s another one for you: squatting while brushing. That’s right, we recommend hitting some squats while you buff your pearly whites. It may sound weird, but actually, it makes perfect sense. After all, what else are you doing while you brush – standing stock-still, eyeing your reflection in the mirror? Get the blood pumping by bending your knees and performing a minute or two worth of bodyweight squats. It’s great for flexibility and keeps the joints limber, too!

Sneak in a lunch break workout

Make use of your precious break by hitting the gym or going for a walk. Not only will it keep your waistline in check, but your afternoon productivity is sure to benefit. For a short but intense workout, try Adrian James High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT is particularly effective as it’s been shown to increase cardiovascular fitness and raise your metabolism, delivering all the benefits of a lengthy cardio session in just fifteen minutes. Lunch breaks will never be the same again.

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Swap your office chair for a stability ball

Your colleagues might brand you kooky, but replacing your regular office chair with an exercise ball is a great idea. Parking your rear end on such an unstable surface makes your core muscles activate to keep you upright. Thus, instead of slouching in a chair, your abdominal muscles ensure you maintain good posture all day long. You can also do stretches and crunches whenever you want, without having to get up. Just try not to topple off (too much).

Take the stairs

Assuming you don’t work on the twentieth floor, taking the stairs instead of the elevator is one of the simplest, most easy-to-incorporate workouts you can manage. A great full-body cardiovascular exercise, it gets the heart rate up and helps to strengthen your thighs and tighten your glutes. Oh, and if you do happen to work in a towering skyscraper, think about taking the elevator part of the way then climbing the rest. You’ll be surprised how quickly this mini-workout becomes part of your regular routine.

Embrace the cardiovascular commute

Sometimes, squeezing in a run on your break is easier said than done. Perhaps, for instance, you’ve got an important meeting to prep for in the afternoon. On these occasions, embrace the cardiovascular commute! Whether it’s a case of jogging home, hopping off the bus a few stops early, or parking the car a mile from your home then sprinting the rest of the way, you’ll thank yourself later. It doesn’t have to be a lung-busting run either; a brisk walk will do the trick. Ditching the car in favour of a bike is another smart idea, even if it’s something you do every once in a while.

Make box-set binging healthy

We’re all prone to binging on box-sets nowadays, but binging needn’t be unhealthy – providing you get in a workout while devouring your favourite show. As the action unfolds on screen, resist the urge to kick back on a recliner and graze on popcorn. Fire up your Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout app instead. Clear some space between the sofa and TV so you can chisel your abs and strengthen your core while indulging in an otherwise guilty pleasure.

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Everyone’s busy but no-one’s too busy to exercise. Make it happen.