How to Beat Gym Boredom

How to Beat Gym Boredom

Boredom is the bane of gym-goers. One minute you’re loving life and eagerly awaiting every workout; the next you’re disinterested, demotivated and skipping sessions. If you find yourself falling out of love with the gym, don’t panic – it happens to everyone on occasions. When boredom sets in, follow these tips to reinvigorate your training and put the fun back into fitness.

Find a workout partner

A training partner will keep you motivated and make the time fly. You can push each other harder, exchange workout ideas and celebrate your success. Your partner can serve as a spotter, watch your form and keep you accountable. If you’ve made an agreement to meet at the gym, you’re unlikely to bail on your buddy. When you have a workout partner, training becomes more challenging, more frequent and more fun.

Try something new

If you’re performing the same exercises in the same sequence week after week, don’t be surprised if you fall into a rut. The key to beating gym boredom and overcoming training plateaus is to switch up your routine. Put the weights down once a week and try functional training instead. Adrian James Bootcamp is ideal: each full-body, no-equipment workout can be performed on a gym mat or at home. Try new activities such as pilates, kettlebells and circuit training. Instead of staring at a wall, power down the treadmill and take your cardio outside. Instead of lifting weights for three sets of 10, try supersets or drop sets. Your gym is full of equipment you’ve probably never tried. Get to grips with it and transform your training.

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Make it competitive

If you have mates you regularly train with, why not make things competitive? Bet on who will hit their target weight first, add an extra plate to their bench press or run the fastest 5k. A bit of good-natured rivalry will incentivise everyone to train harder. Regardless of who claims the spoils, it’s a win-win situation for you: not only will you get fitter, but you’ll stay focused on your goals, ensuring that apathy and boredom don’t get a look in.

Even if you don’t have a training partner to compete with, there’s nothing to stop you from setting personal goals. Challenge yourself to burn more calories than your previous workout, to perform 50 push-ups in a row or beat a personal best.

Get out of your comfort zone

If you’ve been going to the gym for years, it could be time to try something different. Join a running club, take up badminton or try sparring at a boxing gym. The idea is to take up something completely new and break out of your fixed routine. Don’t worry – this doesn’t mean you have to call time on your gym. In trying something new, you’ll rediscover your love for fitness and return to your regular training feeling motivated and re-energised.

Stimulate your mind

Gym boredom is generally a psychological, rather than a physical, problem. Stimulate your mind and your body will follow suit. If you’re accustomed to performing steady state cardio or lifting weights while listening to music, it could be time for a change. How many times have you listened to that same playlist while performing the same exercises? Devise an upbeat playlist that’s full of new jams. Try listening to podcasts and learn something new while you train. Keep things fresh in the gym by stimulating body and mind. In doing so, you’ll avoid plateaus and keep boredom at bay.