How Exercise Boosts Your Libido

How Exercise Boosts Your Libido

It’s no secret that exercise is a great mood elevator. A great workout can redeem a bad day and turn a good day into a great one. The endorphin rush that accompanies an intense workout doesn’t stop the moment you walk out the gym: it’ll accompany you all the way home, upstairs and into the bedroom.

That’s right, regular exercise raises more than just your mood. Not only does it boost your libido, but it’s been proven to enhance performance, increase endurance, boost energy levels and increase your sexual appeal. Exercise also develops better muscle strength, greater flexibility and increased blood flow: all good when it comes to bedroom performance.

Studies have found that people who exercise several times a week enjoy significantly greater sexual performance. One study found that intense exercise of just 15 minutes, such as High Intensity Interval Training, led to increased sexual arousal and pleasure.

It’s not uncommon for singles to exercise in the hope of increasing their sexual appeal to potential partners. It’s as good a reason as any to get into shape…after all, who isn’t attracted to a toned waistline, firm abs and shapely glutes? Once in a relationship, however, it’s important to maintain those good habits. Exercising regularly will make intimacy with your partner more pleasurable and more frequent. Oh, and that fitness regime will also be doing your body a power of good. It’s a win-win situation.

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Both physically and psychologically, exercise does more for your libido than any blue pill or aphrodisiac ever could. Testosterone, endorphins and adrenalin are a potent cocktail. The body’s natural mood elevators won’t just enhance your libido: they’ll improve almost every aspect of your sex life – every single day.

Work hard. Train hard. Play hard. It’s that simple.