Five Explosive Moves to Tighten Your Glutes

Five Explosive Moves to Tighten Your Glutes

It’s a question I’m often asked: “How can I tighten my glutes?” Only it’s never asked like that, because no one refers to the gluteus muscles by their proper name. To the world at large, they’re better known as the muscles in your butt.

“How can I tighten my butt?” While most of the queries I field come from women, the benefits of developing tight glutes apply to both sexes. Aside from the aesthetic advantage of boasting a toned butt, there are also more practical benefits.

As the biggest muscle group in the body, the gluteus maximus isn’t just there for show: it’s used for propelling your hips and legs. Strengthening this muscle will improve your overall mobility and athletic performance, while the act of working your glutes will burn calories and increase fat loss.

So now you’re feeling suitably incentivised to start working those glutes, there’s just one small matter to resolve…how?

The secret to developing great glutes comes down to performing a variety of exercises with good form. If repeated often enough, you’ll soon develop a toned, rounded butt to be proud of. Here are five explosive moves that have been proven to work wonders for your glutes:

  • Bell Squat: From a standing position, jump forward into a deep squat, then immediately jump back.
  • Squat Sprint: Stand on the balls of your feet whilst maintaining a low squat position. Sprint on the spot as quickly as possible.
  • Star Jump: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold your arms close to your body. Squat down halfway and explode back up as high as possible stretching out your arms and legs.
  • Side Hop Toe-Tap: Jump sideways onto one leg and tap your toe with your opposing hand. Bring your trailing leg behind your landing leg for balance. Land softly on the balls of your feet.
  • Elbow to Knee Squat: Squat down and alternately hop, lifting your knee to your opposing elbow.

If you’re wondering the best way to perform these moves, Adrian James High Intensity Interval Training has all the answers. The app contains audio and video demonstrations of 18 exercises plus a customisable 15-minute workout that can be performed anywhere, anytime.

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Use the app 3-5 times a week and not only will you burn fat and increase cardiovascular fitness – you’ll develop tight, toned glutes. That’s right: the perfect butt.