Are You Fit for a Holiday?

Are You Fit for a Holiday?

If there’s one calendar event that’s sure to get everyone excited, it’s a holiday. With the prospect of warm rays, golden sands and good times with friends, a holiday provides a welcome break from reality. What’s good for the mind may not be so good for the body however; a fortnight of cocktails and restaurant-sized portions can swiftly take their toll.

Thankfully, there’s a way to have fun without ruining your physique. The trick is to plan ahead. Long before you reach for your passport and coax your bulging case into the taxi, your holiday prep begins.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

Getting fit for an impending holiday isn’t about vanity – it’s about common sense. Exercising regularly in the weeks leading up to it won’t just shed excess weight; it’ll also get you into a healthy routine. If you’ve been leading a sedentary life in the run-up to your holiday, you’re unlikely to break out of that rut once you catch sight of the the sun-loungers. However, if you’re arriving off the back of a regular fitness regime, you’ll be far more inclined to keep up the good work while abroad, even if it’s not at the same intensity.

Pack smart to look the part

Aside from the usual assortment of travel documents, plug adapters and beachwear, there are three fitness essentials you should take on your next break. The first is Thermoblaze: to ensure you’re looking your leanest, start taking the natural capsules four weeks prior to jetting off, around the same time that you’re ramping up your training. Pack another bottle for your holiday; each Thermoblaze capsule you take will keep you energised and mindful of your commitment to fitness.


The second travel essential is protein powder. You might not be able to make it to the gym while abroad, but regular protein shakes will help to maintain muscle mass and preserve your hard-earned gains. It’ll also prevent you from snacking on crisps, chips and other naughties which may be the only options at hand when you’re away from home. Compact yet packed to the brim with goodness, a tub of Healthy Whey will fit into your suitcase and fit with your healthy lifestyle.

The third and final holiday essential? A smartphone pre-loaded with fitness apps. It’s not like you were planning to leave your phone at home anyway; installing Adrian James High Intensity Interval Training will provide you with short, fat-burning workouts that you and your mates can perform on the beach, in the chalet or wherever your trip may take you.

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Have a ball but don’t have it all

Upon arriving at your destination, your first impulse will probably be to get stuck in to the local food, drink and nightlife. There’s nothing wrong with that, but try not to demolish every last morsel on the hotel buffet. Exercise restraint and you’ll feel much better for it. In addition, make a point of drinking water throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated and lessen your inclination to snack.

A little sunshine and a dash of self-control go a long way. Take care of yourself abroad and you’ll return home feeling refreshed and looking better than ever.