How to Get Insanely Fit on a Budget

How to Get Insanely Fit on a Budget

When you’re on a budget, every penny counts. Fancy gym membership and a pricey personal trainer are out of the question. That doesn’t mean your fitness has to take a hit however. Here are five ways to stay in shape without breaking a fiver.

Download an app

Your smartphone, presumably, is a luxury you can’t live without. In that case, there’s a personal trainer in your pocket. Download the chart-topping Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout. Strengthen your core and develop enviable abs for less than the price of a fitness mag.

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Start a running club

As the weather gets warmer, the prospect of sweating it out in a gym becomes less appealing. Take your friends for a run in the park instead. Exercise is always more enjoyable when you’ve got company. Don’t like running? Then start a cycling club instead.

Play some sports at public courts

Council-run parks often have tennis and basketball courts that are free to play. Borrow a racquet if you have to, bring a friend and play some ball. An hour’s tennis will burn 500 calories and unleash your competitive streak. Do it for the cardio or do it for the bragging rights. Just make sure you do it.

Grab a free gym pass (or two or three)

Just because your finances are suffering doesn’t mean your physique has to. If you’re flat broke, a free gym pass will help you maintain your gains. Some major gyms offer guest passes. Snag a couple from different chains and you’ll make it through till payday.

Take a running jump…

…into the sea. Free and utterly exhilarating, ocean swimming burns more calories than the pool as tide and waves exert their pull. Will it be cold? Certainly. Will it leave you feeling invigorated? Absolutely.

The best things in life aren’t always free, but when it comes to exercise, there are a wealth of options. Scrimp on your spending if you have to, but don’t ever scrimp on your fitness.