Three Incredible Health Benefits of L-Tyrosine

Three Incredible Health Benefits of L-Tyrosine

Let me share with you a supplement that will make every aspect of your life better. No, this isn’t the movie Limitless, this is real life. The supplement I’ve run through the scientific gauntlet is an amino acid called L-Tyrosine that claims to boost everything from mood to libido. It’s been making significant waves in the sports nutrition industry for a number of years now. But is the hype justified? Read on to discover three incredible health benefits of L-Tyrosine.

Enhanced mental acuity

The brain releases dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine under periods of physiological stress, leading to quicker decision-making and mental acuity – commonly referred to our fight or flight instinct. It was this innate instinct which enabled our ancestors to survive, quickening their reflexes and sharpening their judgment. As useful as these neurotransmitters are, levels quickly fall when the kidneys shut down L-Tyrosine production after the instinct is triggered. Thanks to L-Tyrosine supplements, however, the effect can be preserved for hours to help you manage challenging tasks. It’s no surprise that a recent study demonstrated marked differences in multitasking performance between Tyrosine and placebo groups.

Elevated mood

You may be familiar with the chemical “dopamine” mentioned above. Dopamine is commonly known as the happiness chemical – it’s the “reward” neurotransmitter responsible for the feel-good effect after virtually any accomplishment. People who have a below-average rate of dopamine production are often vulnerable to depression, since achievements tend to feel less rewarding. In fact, most antidepressants work by artificially manufacturing the dopamine neurotransmitter. L-Tyrosine, on the other hand, passively increases dopamine production by producing catecholamine, which the brain can use for dopamine production. Amazingly, L-Tyrosine has been shown to alleviate mild clinical depression.

Increased metabolism

According to another study, catecholamine can be used to create thyroid hormones which help speed up your metabolism via a process of thermogenesis (the conversion of fat into heat). We are often envious of people with a fast metabolism, those fortunate souls who seem perfectly able to scoff whatever they want without consequence. By supplementing with L-Tyrosine, you can level the playing field and kick your metabolism into a higher gear.

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