Six Tips for Building Bigger Arms

A set of large, muscular arms shows the world your commitment to fitness, but the benefits extend far beyond aesthetics. Strong arms will help you to perform a range of everyday tasks in addition to aiding your big moves in the gym. Whether you’re looking to increase your bench press or your ability to lug breeze blocks around a building site, bigger arms are key. Follow these tips to develop arms that attract envy every time you flex.

In order to succeed, first you must fail. The key to building big arms is to fatigue the muscles, working them to the point of failure. If you feel like you could complete more reps at the end of your set, complete them.

Good things come to those who weight. Take your time when completing reps, especially when lowering the dumbbell. Doing so will keep the muscle under tension for longer, working it to the limit.

Get a grip. To maximise the efficacy of sets, try switching your grip, placing your thumb under the barbell instead of over it. Doing so will cause your triceps or biceps to work harder.

Give it a break. If you’re focused on building bigger arms, it’s natural to want to punish them every time you hit the gym. Leave it at least two days between sessions to allow the muscles time to repair.

Triceps best biceps. While the most visible muscle gains can be derived from performing bicep curls, bear in mind that the triceps are actually the larger muscle. As such, they require just as much attention as the biceps – if not more. Isolate those triceps and push them to the limit.

Take a shake. To maximise your recovery and increase strength, drink a quality post-workout protein shake such as Healthy Whey. This will ensure your muscles have the nutrients they need to begin the repair process and speed recovery.

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Make every rep count, fuel your body with quality nutrition and get plenty of rest. Master these fundamentals and it’s only a matter of time before your t-shirts are bursting at the seams.