Seven Reasons Why You Have to Try HIIT

Seven Reasons Why You Have to Try HIIT

You’ve probably heard of High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT’s ability to torch fat while preserving muscle is well documented. But the benefits of HIIT, defined by short bursts of intensive exercise followed by brief rest periods, don’t end there. Read on to discover seven reasons to try HIIT and why it’s so popular and effective. 

HIIT preserves muscle

It’s not just bodybuilders who strive to lose fat without losing muscle. Who wouldn’t welcome such an outcome? Unfortunately, steady state cardio can heighten cortisol levels, leading to muscle loss. A HIIT workout is much shorter in comparison, preventing cortisol levels from soaring and maintaining precious muscle mass.

HIIT burns fat in record time

HIIT doesn’t just increase calorie burn – it also increases fat burning. HIIT has been found to burn twice as much fat as other forms of exercise involving the same caloric expenditure. Every time you complete a HIIT session, you’re increasing your body’s efficiency at burning fat and elevating your metabolism for up to 24 hours.

HIIT doesn’t require equipment

Forget unwieldy gym equipment or expensive fitness gadgets: HIIT doesn’t require either. Because a typical HIIT workout involves sprints or bodyweight exercises, it is as cheap as it is convenient. For a workout that can be performed indoors or outdoors, download Adrian James High Intensity Interval Training. The app’s specially designed workouts will push your body to the limit and leave you aching for more.

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HIIT is efficient

A 15-minute HIIT session is ample time in which to work up a sweat and push your body into the fat-burning zone. With HIIT, you don’t have to choose between strength training or cardio; you can do both, by adding a short HIIT session onto the end of weight training. The brevity of HIIT also means you can squeeze in a quick workout during your lunch break and still have time to shower, eat and unwind. If your schedule is busy, HIIT is your fitness friend.

HIIT lowers your risk of disease

HIIT doesn’t just improve your cardiovascular health: it has also been shown to ward off a host of diseases. Research has revealed its effective at lowering glucose levels in people with diabetes. It also reduces the risk of blood clots by improving blood vessels’ ability to expand. And that’s not all: by helping your body use oxygen more efficiently, HIIT has been proven to reduce the risk of heart attack.

HIIT boosts brainpower

You didn’t think HIIT was just for the body did you? Several studies have also shown it to be good for the mind. After performing HIIT, cognitive function is noticeably sharper. This is believed to be due to the increased brain-derived neurotrophic factor the intense exercise prompts. This vital protein helps your brain to grow new neurons. Train smart. Get smart.

HIIT is more enjoyable

While some people are content to plod away on a treadmill, many find steady state cardio boring. And no wonder; staring at the same spot on the wall while jogging at the same pace is bound to tire. HIIT, on the other hand, is a great stress reliever that will keep your body guessing and ward off boredom. It’s sociable too: HIIT is an ideal group activity, when the added motivation of your peers will spur you on.

Whether you’re looking to freshen up your training, burn fat or simply work out with friends, you have to try HIIT.