The Best Time to Take Your Protein Shake

The Best Time to Take Your Protein Shake

Whey protein is synonymous with muscle growth and repair. But it’s not just what you drink – when you drink is also crucial. The human body is not efficient at storing protein, which is why regular protein intake is required to build muscle tissue. By feeding your body at the right times with a protein shake, you can maximise growth and boost performance.

How much protein do you need?

A simple and popular method of calculating your daily protein intake is to multiply your bodyweight in kilograms by two. If you weigh 75kg, for example, aim to consume around 150g of protein a day. While it is possible to reach this target through food alone, most people find whey protein shakes to be more practical and economical.

The best time to take a protein shake for optimum muscle growth

First thing in the morning. Upon awakening, your body is in a catabolic state. Fuelling it with protein will prevent muscle tissue from breaking down. Wake and shake with Healthy Whey; mix it with water or add a scoop to your porridge.

30 minutes before training. Pre-workout protein will ready your muscles for the onslaught that awaits. A Healthy Whey protein shake half an hour before lifting weights will ensure a steady supply of amino acids to reduce muscle protein breakdown.

Post-workout. After completing your workout, treat yourself to a protein shake. Mixing it with water will ensure fast absorption, allowing the protein to get to work on repairing damaged muscle fibres.

At bedtime. While you sleep, your body grows and repairs. Sipping on Healthy Whey before hitting the lights will prevent muscle breakdown and aid recovery.

When you’re armed with a quality whey protein, peak performance and maximum muscle growth are assured. Speed recovery and grow more muscle by taking your whey at optimum times throughout the day.