Vitamin D: It’s Not All About the Sunshine

benefits of vitamin D

Commonly known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that the human body requires for healthy teeth and bones, good mental health and a strong immune system. Because it’s fat-soluble, we can store it in our bodies (unlike water-soluble vitamins including the B vitamins and vitamin C, any excess of which, is excreted from the body in our urine).

Although it’s present in some foods, our body manufactures the majority of its vitamin D when sunlight hits our skin. During the summer months, when our skin is more exposed, we’re more likely to get enough vitamin D.

But during the winter months, or if we’re inside all of the time or for religious or cultural reasons where we cover our skin all year round, it’s thought that the majority of us are deficient in vitamin D.

That’s why the NHS recommends all adults take a 10mcg vitamin D supplement every day from October to March (or all year round if we’re not exposed to sunlight).

But why am I talking about vitamin D and sunshine, when this article is actually about testosterone levels? Well, because vitamin D has been scientifically proven to help boost testosterone levels, which is why its inclusion in Testoraise was an obvious decision. But before I go into the testosterone and performance-boosting properties of vitamin D, first a quick note on vitamin D3.

Vitamin D isn’t a single vitamin, it’s a group of D vitamins, and the two most common are Vitamin D2 and vitamin D3. As a general rule, vitamin D2 comes from plant-based foods such as mushrooms (as long as they’re grown in UV light) and some fortified breads and spreads. Vitamin D3 generally comes from animal-based foods such as oily fish, egg yolks and liver.

Vitamin D3 is considered the most bioavailable form of vitamin D, meaning that it’s more easily utilised by the body to meet our vitamin D needs. For this reason, we added vitamin D3 to Testoraise, since it’s biologically superior. And for the purposes of this article, when I refer to vitamin D, I’m actually referring to vitamin D3.

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So, about that testosterone raising ability…

Vitamin D as a testosterone booster

Testosterone is an androgen, otherwise known as a male sex hormone. It’s present in both male and female bodies, but in female bodies to a lesser extent. In men, low levels of testosterone are linked to low libido, erectile dysfunction and even cardiovascular disease.

Boosted levels of testosterone (either by having a naturally high level or by taking a testosterone booster) are associated with increased bone strength, muscle mass and libido and therefore, improved performance in the gym. So to boost our testosterone is to boost our athletic ability.

Vitamin D acts in the same way as a steroid hormone in the human body, and testosterone is a type of steroid hormone. Studies show that the two have a relationship – there is a close correlation between being deficient in vitamin D and having low testosterone levels.

Studies also show that men taking daily vitamin D supplements can increase testosterone levels by around 20%. Which is pretty impressive for a vitamin that most people only associate with sunshine and strong bones.

The positive effect of vitamin D on testosterone levels is especially beneficial in men who are deficient in vitamin D, and it’s thought that many of us are. Other studies suggest that those who are particularly active can especially benefit testosterone-wise from taking vitamin D supplements.

Testoraise for the win!

Adding vitamin D to Testoraise was an obvious choice for helping to boost testosterone levels naturally. So if you’re looking to boost yours, and your vitamin D to boot, opt for Testoraise and see how it can benefit you.