Should I Train My Abs?

Should I Train My Abs?

It’s a question I’m often posed: What’s the point in developing visible abs?

Everyone can appreciate a well-sculpted 6-pack, but beyond looking good on the beach, is there any practical benefit to ab training? As the creator of the chart-topping fitness app Adrian James 6 Pack Abs Workout, my answer, not surprisingly, is “Yes”. More surprisingly, here’s why:

  • Strong abs make for a strong core, a requisite for most weightlifting exercises. Deadlifts? Squats? Bench press? All improve when your core strength is high.
  • Strong abs improve posture. Tense those abs and straighten up – you’ll look and feel a whole lot better.
  • Visible abs require low body fat. Low body fat requires eating healthily. By focusing on your abs, you’ll be more inclined to improve your diet, boosting your health and wellbeing in the process.
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Following the abdominal exercises that feature in my specially devised workouts can reveal impressive results in as little as four weeks. The moment you spot the beginnings of that 6-pack, you’ll be spurred on to train even harder.

Should you train your abs?

Yes, yes and yes!