How to Boost Your Testosterone Levels With Fenugreek

How well-stocked is your spice rack? Do your kitchen cupboards contain the sum total of salt and pepper? Or are you a whizz when it comes to knowing which herbs and spices to use in which dishes? If you’re the latter, you may have come across fenugreek. (Either way, there’s certainly no judgement here.)

Fenugreek is a herb that’s used in both cooking and medicinally. In cooking, fenugreek seeds are often used in Indian dishes to give a slightly sweet, nutty flavour and is a main component of the common curry ingredient, garam masala.

Even if you know exactly what fenugreek is, you may not know that it’s linked to many health benefits, one of the main ones being its ability to raise testosterone levels.

Which is why it’s earned its rightful place in Testoraise, my testosterone boosting supplement. Along with other high-quality testosterone boosting herbal extracts, Testoraise is a premium grade supplement backed by extensive research to boost testosterone and increase strength.

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But how does a humble herb like fenugreek help? The answer is in the fact that fenugreek is far from humble…

The scientific research on fenugreek and testosterone levels

For those in the know, fenugreek supplements are used to boost the levels of testosterone in men who might have a low sex drive.

Studies show that fenugreek has a positive effect on both sexual desire and sexual function and satisfaction. The authors of this study concluded that supplements containing fenugreek had this effect due to fenugreeks ability to help “maintain normal, healthy testosterone levels”.

So that’s a win for libido, but what about testosterone itself? It’s a win there too, with another study demonstrating that fenugreek supplements could significantly affect testosterone levels. And crucially, that the boosted testosterone was of the ‘bioavailable’ type. This means that the testosterone was in a form that was readily available for the body to use.

Fenugreek, testosterone and gym goals

But what about in the gym? Could fenugreek affect our performance there, and even help to alter our body composition?

Higher testosterone levels are linked with increased strength and performance in the gym so it makes sense to hypothesise that fenugreek supplements would indeed help out here too. And again, science has proved this to be right.

Research shows that fenugreek extracts given to young men can increase testosterone levels, reduce body fat by 2% over eight weeks and increase energy and muscle strength.

And not only that, but fenugreek is also being researched for its ability to suppress the appetite and help us reach satiety more quickly (satiety is the point at which we feel full whilst eating).

It’s thought that fenugreek could have this effect due to its high fibre content. Fibre swells up in the stomach, leading to feelings of fullness. This can then lead to weight loss, which if we’re looking to lose weight, is an obvious benefit.

Don’t forget, taking a natural testosterone boosting supplement such as Testoraise will still be helping you to increase your lean muscle mass. So don’t worry, you won’t lose the weight you’ve worked so hard to gain in the form of muscle. You’ll just be burning fat.

Further studies show that fenugreek supplements “specifically decrease dietary fat consumption” in healthy, overweight participants.

Not bad work for a herb!

If you’re interested in these benefits and more, then use Testoraise to boost your testosterone levels naturally.