Burpees – The Move You Love to Hate

Burpees – The Move You Love to Hate

This might seem an odd question, but what’s your take on burpees? Do you love ’em? Hate ’em? Never even heard of ’em?

If you’ve been using my Adrian James Bootcamp app, you’ll have felt the pain that burpees bring.

Place your palms on the floor with your body extended, bring both feet towards your chest and explosively jump!

It doesn’t sound daunting, but try completing them for 30 seconds without stopping and see how you feel!

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Here are four reasons why burpees should be your go-to exercise:

  • They work all the major muscle groups
  • They increase strength whilst burning fat
  • They can be performed anywhere (within reason!)
  • They increase your endurance – a dozen will get your heart racing

For more essential exercises, check out Adrian James Bootcamp and remember – the harder you train, the greater your gains!