Welcome to the 2024 Adrian James Body Transformation Challenge—an empowering journey that liberates you from the confines of a traditional gym. It’s time to rise from the comfort of your couch, break a sweat, and venture beyond your familiar boundaries, all without the need for specialised equipment.

Every completed bodyweight workout and every nourishing meal you prepare becomes a step towards sculpting the body you desire. Whether your goal is to radiate confidence on the beach, boost your self-esteem, or seize the opportunity to win £100 worth of Adrian James Nutrition supplements, the choice is entirely yours.

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Here’s where it gets exciting: the in-app 8-week challenge will automatically activate after your first workout. You’ll earn points for every exercise—1 point for a beginner exercise, 2 points for an intermediate exercise, and 3 points for an advanced exercise. The goal? Clock up 100 points or more each week for 8 consecutive weeks on each app. Let this challenge not only motivate you but also tailor your transformation journey to your individual preferences.

Eight weeks later, after consistent dedication and effort, capture another moment—a snapshot of your transformed self. Email us your before and after pictures, and for completing your fitness journey, you’ll be rewarded with £100 worth of Adrian James Nutrition supplements of your choice.

Picture yourself eight weeks from now—envision the epitome of your physical prowess. If your vision aligns with being in the best shape of your life, the countdown begins now. Train with determination, use the Adrian James fitness apps as your versatile guide, and may success accompany you on this transformative journey. You’ve got this.